All About AIG Century Car Insurance

AIG is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, with coverage in 130 counts, and more than 88 million policyholders across the world.
American International Group, better known as AIG, is one of the most well-known insurance companies in the world, and for good reason. Unlike many insurance providers that are popular in the United States, AIG serves most of the world: their insurance is available in 130 different countries. AIG is approaching its 100th birthday, as it was founded in China in 1919. While AIG needed a strong bailout from the US government in 2008 after the recession, it is now going strong once again, and serving more than 88 million insurance holders across the world.
In this article, Part 1 talks about the areas that set AIG apart from the rest of the insurance world. Part 2 discusses the types of insurance available from AIG, and Part 3 goes over the coverage options. Part 4 covers the discounts that AIG offers its policyholders, and Part 5 goes over the states that AIG is available in. Part 6 of the article discusses the mobile app availability, and finally, Part 7 gives the ratings from the Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best.

Part 1 of 7: Key differentiators from other insurance providers

The biggest difference between AIG and most other companies is the coverage. AIG serves 130 countries across the world, and has headquarters in New York City, London, and Hong Kong. With more than 65,000 employees, AIG is on hand to provide insurance to virtually anyone who wants it.
After the recession, AIG rebranded its car insurance branch as 21st Century, which was then acquired by Farmers Insurance.

Part 2 of 7: Types of insurance provided

AIG offers home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance.

Part 3 of 7: Coverage options

For car insurance, AIG offers standard coverage options through 21st Century: liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist.
For home insurance, AIG offers standard full and partial replacement coverage, with plans covering pet damage, breaking of fragile or valuable items, and landscaping, as well as proactive loss prevention.

Part 4 of 7: Discounts available

There are numerous discounts available for AIG insurance customers. Both home and auto insurance policyholders can earn discounts by bundling their packages. Those with car insurance are also eligible for a large number of discounts through 21st Century: good driver, driver training, good student, mature driver, safe driving test, multiple vehicles insured, non-smoking, non-drinking, early shopping, alternative fuel, homeowner, and vehicle safety features. However, not all of these discounts are available for all drivers, or in all states.

Part 5 of 7: States licensed to sell insurance in

AIG offers home insurance in all 50 states, plus Washington D.C. AIG car insurance, provided through 21st Century, is available in 48 states, and Washington D.C. It is not available in Hawaii, or Massachusetts.

Part 6 of 7: Mobile apps

People with car insurance can use the 21st Century app, which helps them manage their car insurance plans. While AIG doesn’t have an app specific for home insurance, it does have helpful apps, such as AIG CyberEdge, which helps you deal with risk management, and AIG Travel Assistance, which helps travelers.

Part 7 of 7: Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best ratings

AIG is a very highly rated insurance company. The Better Business Bureau gives them a rating of A+, while A.M. Best has them at an A. 21st Century, which handles AIG’s car insurance, earns the same rating: an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and an A from A.M. Best.
AIG is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. While they are more known for their commercial work with businesses, public clients, and high-profile clients, they also offer terrific insurance for individuals, including auto insurance through 21st Century. Plus, with service in 130 countries, AIG covers a lot of bases.

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