How a Dash Cam Can Lower Your Car Insurance Rates

Dash cams can help lower car insurance rates. They can be used to accurately record incidents like accidents, vandalism, or fraud to support a claim.
It is becoming increasingly popular for drivers to install dashboard cameras, or dash cams, in their cars. These are used to record any number of incidents, from unexpected events to other drivers’ bad habits. But where dash cams truly shine is in the many ways they can help you save money on your car insurance. In this article, the pros and cons of having a dash cam are laid out.

The pros of having a dash cam

Though there are not yet many (if any) discounts being offered by insurance companies for simply having a dash cam, the idea behind installing one in your car is that it can provide extra safety and security by catching any incidents on camera exactly as they happen.
Able to prove it if you weren’t at fault in an incident that otherwise would have relied solely on the word of those involved, it is thought that adding this feature to your car could save you from increased car insurance rates in the long run.
What’s more, dash cams can provide additional reliable details from an incident that might otherwise have been missed, forgotten, or misremembered, which can make the claims process run much more smoothly. It can also prove crucial in recording identifying features such as license plate numbers in the event that the other party involved in an incident tries to flee the scene.
Dash cams can also make for a great way to monitor your car while it’s parked. Those dash cams that include a parking setting can record while the car is not being used and thus are in a perfect position to catch anyone trying to steal or vandalize your car, again making any insurance claims that follow easier to accurately report.
Similarly, instances of insurance fraud can also be caught on dash cams. Some forms of fraud include staged or faked accidents or a pedestrian running into a car on purpose. Without any footage, this kind of fraud can be difficult to prove, but having a dash cam would allow you to show the recording as evidence and prove that you were not at fault, which in turn will prevent your rates from increasing because your insurance company had to pay out the fraudsters.
If you ever find yourself facing a traffic violation that you feel you don’t deserve, having a dash cam installed may come in handy when contesting your ticket. If your footage can prove that you were not guilty of any wrongdoing, you can avoid having to pay for both the ticket itself and any increase in premium that probably would have resulted from having a traffic violation added to your driving record.
Another added benefit of installing a dash cam is being able to review your driving. This could be helpful in weeding out your own bad driving habits or in coaching a new driver and trying to prevent the formation of bad habits in him or her. Because maintaining a clean driving record is one of the best ways to lower your car insurance rate, it certainly couldn’t hurt to use everything at your disposal, including a dash cam, to improve your driving.
On top of everything else, this little gadget is generally pretty affordable. With prices ranging from around $100 to around $500, there is a decent amount of choice when it comes to what you might want to spend on an item like this. And if you ever do end up needing to use your dash cam footage to prove or support a claim, it will likely pay for itself in what you save on expenses from the incident or increased premiums.

The cons of having a dash cam

The main objection brought up in the debate over whether one should install a dash cam or not is distracted driving. If you are trying to set or adjust the camera while you are driving, you are canceling out any extra security benefits of the camera by driving unsafely. You could end up receiving a ticket for distracted driving, or worse, you could actually cause an accident.
As with the use of any other form of technology in the car—from GPS to Bluetooth calling—the issue of distracted driving is easily remedied by taking some simple steps to ensure that you are using your dash cam safely.
First, be sure to install the camera in a place that is out of your line of vision, somewhere where you will not be tempted to look at it while driving.
Then, set up and adjust your camera in one sitting while the car is not being used so that you don’t have to worry about it once you’re on the road.
Finally, be sure to never mess with the dash cam while you are driving, period. You can always play around with it once you have reached your destination.
If the benefits of using a dash cam can be proved, maybe someday dash cams will be as standard as backup cameras in new cars, or maybe insurance companies will start offering dash cam discounts. Until then, it may very well be worth the investment to add one to your car now and potentially save on your insurance costs over the life of the car.
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