How to Apply Truck Lettering

Whether advertising a product, promoting a brand or sharing a message, applying lettering to your truck or vehicle is a great way to share it.
One of the fastest growing means of getting a message to the public is through advertising on moving vehicles. Often, this is done by the application of lettering to a truck, van, car, and even boats. Businesses aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this effective method of communication. Athletic teams, clubs, social networks, social movements and many others have taken note and are following suit. Why wouldn’t they? Applying lettering to trucks or other vehicles is not a hard as it might seem.
In this article, Part 1 explains how to pick the right lettering, Part 2 describes how to prepare your truck or vehicle for application, and Part 3 explains how to apply the lettering.

Part 1 of 3: Pick the right lettering

Step 1: Pick the right lettering to get your message noticed. If you don’t choose correctly, your message will get lost in its surroundings.
There are several things to consider when picking the right lettering for your truck or vehicle. You want to choose a complimenting color that stands out, but is not so overly contrasting that it is unattractive.
Pick a font and size that works with the message you are trying to share and does not contradict or overpower it. Also choose an image or symbol that helps emphasize your ad or brand. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Part 2 of 3: Prepare your truck or vehicle for application

Materials Needed
  • Car wash soap
  • Car wash mitt
  • Pail
  • Microfiber cloth
Step 1: Wash your vehicle. In order for your lettering to properly adhere, it needs to be applied to a clean vehicle.
Wash your vehicle thoroughly to prepare the surface for lettering application. Simply mix a reputable car wash soap in a pail of water per its directions and use with a car wash mitt to clean away dirt and debris.
When done, rinse the soap off and dry your vehicle with a clean microfiber cloth. Allow it to air dry for about an hour as well so that it can completely dry.

Part 3 of 3: Apply the lettering

Materials Needed
  • Grease pencil
  • Lettering
  • Level
  • Ruler
Step 1: Measure and mark areas of application. Before permanently applying your vehicle lettering, you should clearly mark the areas of application.
Without removing the adhesive backing, place the lettering on your vehicle. When you find the ideal location to apply it, use a ruler and level to calculate the right spot for each piece. You can mark the spots with a grease pencil that can be easily cleaned off later.
Step 2: Carefully apply lettering. Take care to only apply a small portion at a time so you are not rushed.
Slowly remove the adhesive backing so that your lettering does not get twisted up. Carefully line up the lettering with the marks you laid out and gently apply it to the vehicle’s surface.
Once you have determined you have it lined up correctly, push across the surface of the lettering until it lays flat. Use your fingers to push out any air bubbles. Continue until all lettering has been applied. Follow the lettering guidelines to determine how long you need to wait to wash your vehicle and on how to care for the lettering.
Knowing how to apply truck and vehicle lettering is as easy as knowing how to pick the right lettering, how to prepare your vehicle for application, and how to apply the lettering. Putting an ad, brand or phrase directly on your vehicle is a fun, yet effective way to share your message to the public.
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