How to Get Non Owner Car Insurance

You need to get a non-owner car insurance policy when you don’t have a car of your own but still drive.
A non-owner car insurance policy is a necessity under certain circumstances. There are actually several situations that may require a non-owner policy. You may also just want to have a non-owner policy in case you need to drive someone else’s car in a pinch. Getting non-owner car insurance may take a bit of extra effort on your part since not every car insurance provider sells it. The extra effort is worth it, though, if you don’t own your own vehicle but still need to drive. In this article, Part 1 explains what a non-owner policy includes and Part 2 tells you how to get a non-owner policy.

Part 1 of 2: What a non-owner car insurance policy covers

Non-owner car insurance is usually only liability insurance. It only covers damage done to other cars involved in a collision and damaged property. It will not cover damages to the car you’re driving. Keep in mind that “property damage” could be quite high.
For instance, if you run into a guardrail, you are liable for the damage. That’s right, you will get the bill for repairs to or replacement of the guardrail, and those things are not cheap.
There are some types of policies that will also cover your medical expenses and damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. This type of non-owner car insurance costs a bit more, but it may be worth it.
Reason 1 to get a non-owner car insurance policy: Get a driver’s license. Car insurance is required by some states in order to get a driver’s license.
Even if you do not own a vehicle, you may have to get insurance before you can get a valid driver’s license. Check with your local DMV to find out if you must have insurance.
Reason 2 to get a non-owner car insurance policy: Have a driver’s license reinstated. Car insurance may be required in order to get your license reinstated if you lost it due to a DWI or other violations.
Reason 3 to get a non-owner car insurance policy: Drive someone else’s vehicle. Buy a non-owner car insurance policy so that you are covered if you don’t have your own car but drive someone else’s from time to time.
The car will be covered by the owner’s insurance policy; however, you will be liable for the damages to other vehicles and property.

Part 2 of 2: How to get a non-owner car insurance policy

Step 1: Contact your insurance provider. Give your current insurance provider a call, if you have one. This could be a current or past car insurance company or even a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance provider.
It will probably be easier to get non-owner coverage through them. In fact, some car insurance companies will only issue non-owner coverage if you have previously had car insurance through them. Don’t simply buy from them right off the bat, though. Just find out if they will provide the coverage and how much it will be.
Step 2: Get other non-owner car insurance policy quotes. Call around or go online to get more quotes. It will take a bit of time and effort, but it is the only way to be sure you are getting the best deal. You are not under any obligation to stay with your old insurance provider.
Step 3: Do some quick research on the insurance providers. Find out how well your prospective insurance providers are rated. This is fairly easy to do online and well worth the effort.
Cheap insurance will cost more in the long run if the insurance provider doesn’t take good care of you when you need them. Consumer Affairs is a good site to check.
Step 4: Buy the best non-owner car insurance policy. Select the most reliable car insurance provider with the best deal.
Have your driver’s license handy, if you have one, and a debit card, credit card or check. Give the insurance provider a call and buy the policy.
Buying non-owner car insurance policy when you don’t have a car of your own but still drive. Make sure you’re covered at all times, especially if you drive someone else’s car.

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