How to Prepare for the Driver's Written Test

Before getting a driver’s license or permit, you need to take the driver's written test. Take practice exams and make an appointment.
Getting a driver’s license is a multi-step process, including taking a written test followed by an on-the-road skills test. And while some people who take the written test find the questions a bit difficult, you can pass easily by keeping specific preparation tips in mind, including studying, taking practice tests, and getting plenty of sleep the night before the test.
Follow these tips to adequately prepare for the driver’s license written test.

Part 1 of 3: Studying for the driver’s license written test

Well before you take the driver’s written test, you need to study for it. Studying for your test requires you to obtain a physical or PDF copy of your particular state’s driver’s manual. In addition, you can also take various practice tests to help you prepare for the actual written test.
Step 1: Study for the driver’s written test. Obtaining a copy of your state’s driver’s manual represents the best way to study for your driver’s written test. Visit your local DMV office for a physical copy go to online to download a PDF copy of your state’s driver’s manual. Once you have a driver’s manual, do the following:
  • Spend time familiarizing yourself with the rules of the road in your state.
  • Read the manual completely to get a better understanding about what questions you can expect on the written test when you take it.
  • Learn what the various road signs mean and how you should react when driving when you see them.
Step 2: Take practice tests. In addition to studying, you can take practice tests online.
Practice tests allow you to test your knowledge when it comes to the driving laws in your state. Most practice tests feature questions common that are sometimes included in the actual driver’s license written test in your state.
You can read more about each state’s requirements for driver testing at
You can also find free DMV practice tests online at the Free DMV Practice Tests Website.

Part 2 of 3: Set up the appointment for your driver’s written test

Once you are ready to take the test, set up an appointment with your local DMV office. Some DM offices do not require an appointment. You can find this information by visiting the DMV Website for your state.
In addition, the night before the test, you should do the following:
Step 1: Study some more. Study the book one more time. You should focus on areas where you have trouble answering questions.
Consider taking an online practice test or two before going to bed.
Step 2: Get plenty of rest. In addition, make sure to get plenty of rest. A full night’s sleep can help you stay alert during the written test.

Part 3 of 3: Taking the driver’s written test

Taking the driver’s written test represents the final piece of the puzzle. As long as you have studied and pay attention to the questions, you should do fine. While it’s normal to be nervous before and during the test, try to relax so you can do your best.
Step 1: Read each question. When taking the test, make sure to read each question and accompanying answers completely.
If you come across an answer you don’t know the answer to, skip it and come back to it after you finish the others.
Step 2: Take your time. Remember, take your time and read over your questions again when finished to make sure you did not miss any.
Step 3: Pick the best answer. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, read it over again and pick the best answer to the question.
By studying properly for your driver’s license written test, you greatly improve your chances when taking the test. You can take free practice tests online. When taking your test, relax and read each question and the corresponding answers completely before answering.

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