The Average Cost of Car Insurance

The average cost of car insurance rates in the United States is over $1,300 annually, but the price varies depending on what state you live in.
There are numerous factors that impact car insurance rates. Everything from the vehicle you drive, to your age and driving history, to the type of coverage you’re opting for impact the price of your premiums, and for good reason: insurance needs are different from car to car, person to person, and place to place, so it makes sense that prices vary depending on your specific circumstances.
One of the main factors in car insurance price is your location. Average car insurance rates vary dramatically from state to state, in part due to state legislation, and in part due to the areas in those states (for instance, states with numerous metropolitan areas are likely to have higher insurance rates, as those areas cost more to insure a car in).
In 2016, the average price of car insurance in the United States was in excess of $1,300 annually, up dramatically from the 2014 rates of just over $900. However, some states are still south of $1,000 a year for their average insurance premiums, while other states are well over $2,000.
It’s unlikely that you’ll change your state based simply on your car insurance rates, but it’s still important to know what the average price is where you live. If nothing else, it can help you figure out whether or not you’re getting a fair deal on your auto insurance prices.

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