Say goodbye to the hassle of insurance shopping

Hands down, the easiest way to save time and money on insurance.

Jerry does all the hard work of tracking your renewals, analyzing coverages, shopping for insurance before your renewal date, comparing prices, and doing all the paperwork to switch and save you money. Jerry is 100% free - there are no fees whatsoever!

Step 1

Sign up in 45 seconds

Jerry doesn’t require you to fill out long forms or spend hours on the phone. Simply tell us 4 things about yourself and you’re all set. It literally takes 45 seconds (yes, we’ve timed it)!

Step 2

Get quotes from the top 20 insurance companies

Jerry will collect your current coverage details from your insurance company and shop for you before your policy comes up for renewal - for the same coverage you have today.

Step 3

Switch and save by simply clicking a button

If you decide to switch, Jerry will do all the paperwork to sign you up for a new policy and save you money.

For free

No cost to you whatsoever

Jerry’s services are 100% free to use. By “free” we mean there are absolutely, 100%, nada, zilch, zero fees. Jerry doesn’t believe in nasty surprises. There are no markups on quotes. The price we give you is the price you’d get if you found the quote yourself.

Insurance on the go

Get the Jerry mobile App today! Your insurance card and coverage details are stored in the App so you don’t have to carry a paper card around anymore. You’ll get reminders about renewals, see new quotes before your policy renews, and much more.

New feature alert!

Soon you’ll be able to share your digital insurance card with the family members who are also on your policy so that everyone has the insurance details. You’ll be able to ask questions, request changes, get help with billing and claims all through the App, 7 days a week. All this and more is coming soon - Jerry is writing code as fast as he can.

For PeaceOfMind

Total privacy and peace of mind

Jerry takes your privacy, security, and peace of mind very seriously. We never share or sell your information - which means no pushy salespeople, pesky phone calls, or annoying emails. You can read our privacy statement and terms of use  here. Jerry uses bank-level security measures when storing your information in our system. All your data is fully encrypted.

Jerry Financial and Insurance Services is a fully licensed insurance broker. We carry a $1m liability policy to protect you and give you peace of mind.
(M-F 8am-5pm PT)


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Jerry Financial and Insurance Services is a licensed insurance broker. License number: 0L77682
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