Cheap Car Insurance if You Have a Clean Driving Record

Drivers with a clean record can get cheap car insurance with good driver discounts, habit tracking devices, and completing drivers’ training.
Clean driving records prove to car insurance companies that you are a low-risk driver, so providers often offer discounts. What qualifies a good driver for these discounts varies, depending on the car insurance company. There are also things you can do on top of having a clean record to reduce your rates even further. In this article, Part 1 discusses clean driving record discounts and Part 2 addresses the additional things you can do for further discounts.

Part 1 of 2: Clean driving record discounts

  • Good driver discount: Most car insurance providers will give a good driver discount to drivers who have no at-fault accidents, moving violations, and DUI/DWI’s for at least three years. They will often check your driving record to determine if you qualify for this discount.
Other car insurance companies give good driver discounts by dropping their customer’s rates after they complete one year with them without an at-fault accident or citation for a moving violation. They might drop the rates even more after additional years of good driving. It just depends on the car insurance provider.
  • Tip: A car insurance provider may give you a good driver discount if you get one DUI/DWI but otherwise have had a long-standing clean driving record.
  • Claim-free discounts: A car insurance company may offer a claim-free discount program instead of the good driver discount. Most car insurance providers offer only one or the other, as there is a slight difference. A claim-free discount is given to a driver who hasn’t filed a claim for a certain period of time because he or she hasn’t been involved in a collision.

Part 2 of 2: Additional things you can do for further discounts

  • Take a driver’s training course: Most car insurance providers give a discount to drivers with a clean driving record who have also completed a driver’s training course. This could be the driver’s education course that is taken before you get a license or a defensive driver’s course that you can take after you have your license.
  • Install a driving-habit tracking device : A usage-based discount is given to drivers who prove that they are good drivers with the use of a device that records their driving habits. The device will track how fast you drive, how hard you hit the brakes, and when you drive to determine if you are driving at night.
Some car insurance providers, like Progressive, have a device that you plug into your car. Other insurance companies provide an app that you download onto your smartphone. Progressive offers both options.
Don’t just buy a car insurance policy from the first insurance company that offers you a discount for your good driving habits. Be prepared to give prospective car insurance companies your car’s make, model, and year. These details can be found on your car’s registration and title, if you don’t already know them off the top of your head. Find out what sort of discounts they will give you for having a clean driving record. Check the reliability ratings on the car insurance providers you are interested in. Consumer Affairs is a great place to start.
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